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RE: LGPL and a proprietary application

Hi Vinaya 
  I also want ask one basic fundamental quaestion. 
1) Is usage of a product like "pthreads-win32" forces us to release our
source code or not. 
2) Next can we use it as per our with without intimating anyone.


-----Original Message-----
From: Vinaya Kumar T []
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 11:14 PM
To: Turner, Jay
Subject: Re: LGPL and a proprietary application

Hello Jay,

ru linking to this LGPL library statically or dynamically...??
if statically linked ,then u should make only that of the ur src code 
open ,so that , changes in LGPL can
be done effectively.
On other hand ,if it dynamically linked,then u don't have to worry about 
ur src code to be made open.

hope this helps

Turner, Jay wrote:

>In reading the LGPL for pthreads-win32 I find I am confused. My application
is company proprietary and one reading says that an application that "uses
the library" does not itself fall under the LGPL. Another reading says that
it does (mainly because it uses pthread.h and semaphore.h).
>Can I link to pthreads-win32 in my application without the license
requiring that I provide my source or object code to my customers?
>Is there anything that my legal department would accept that would confirm
>Thanks, Jay

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