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Re: pthread Win32 - runtime lib VC++ setting

First of all thanks for your answer.

> vc wrote:
> >Questions:
> >1) Why is not used in the project settings the same flag for both
> >configuration(i.e /MDd - debug; /MD - release or /MTd - debug; /MT -
> >release)? Is there a reason, or it was just by mistake?
> >Note: MS recommended for DLLs to use /MD (/MDd)
> >
> Re the /MT flag, I can't say now because I don't really know.

As Simon Gerblich stated he is building the lib using /MD and it seems
to be ok, so I will use this flag for the release version.

> >3) I donwloaded the sources from
> > and there is a
> >pthreads-snap-2002-11-04 directory. Is this a release version? Is it
> >ok if I'm using this version, or this is just a version between 2
> >releases?
> >
> >
> Since you wan't to build the library yourself, you should get the source
> via anonymous CVS (see the web page for details -
> It has the latest bug fixes,
> and currently bug fixes are the only changes from the latest versions
> available from ftp. I will update the ftp versions ASAP.

OK ... So I will take the latest sources directly from the cvs.

> >4) When I downloaded just binaries some time ago, there were 3
> >versions of the binaries: VC, VSE, VCE. The sources that I downloaded
> >now seems to be for the VC version. Am I correct? (because this is the
> >version that interests me)
> >
> >
> See the FAQ file, answer to Q2. For VC you don't need to do anything
> because it is the default. The others can be used if you add the
> appropriate compile flags when you build your application code, and when
> you build the library if you don't use the prebuilt dlls.

I already read the FAQ, that is actually why I decided on the VC version, as
I have to port a Unix app on Windows, so I just assume that this version
is simulating in the best way the Unix posix threads and what the Unix
expected from the posix threads usage ...

And if I understood correctly, the VC version don't need any flag to be
neither in pthread sources, nor in the app that uses this dll, as by default
the VC
will be build/used.

Thanks a lot !!!

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