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pthread Win32 - runtime lib VC++ setting

Hi all,

I'm working on Win2k with VC++ 7.1 (VS .NET beta).
I have to port a Unix app on Windows, so I'm using the pthread lib for
Win32 (

I've downloaded the sources, as I want to build them myself, and
looking at the VC++ settings, I discovered that in Debug
configuration, the /MDd flag is used (which means: "multithread- and
DLL-specific versions of the run-time") and in Release configuration
the /MT flag is used (even if the release version of the /MDd flag is

1) Why is not used in the project settings the same flag for both
configuration(i.e /MDd - debug; /MD - release or /MTd - debug; /MT -
release)? Is there a reason, or it was just by mistake?
Note: MS recommended for DLLs to use /MD (/MDd)

2) If for this is actually no reason, is it ok if I build the sources
using the /MD flag for release?

3) I donwloaded the sources from and there is a
pthreads-snap-2002-11-04 directory. Is this a release version? Is it
ok if I'm using this version, or this is just a version between 2

4) When I downloaded just binaries some time ago, there were 3
versions of the binaries: VC, VSE, VCE. The sources that I downloaded
now seems to be for the VC version. Am I correct? (because this is the
version that interests me)

Thanks a lot in advance,

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