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Re: message queues & timers


[Sorry for the delay in responding. I've only just returned from vacation today.]

The reason Aurelio's message queues aren't in the distribution is that they rely on PROCESS_SHARED attribute objects, which are not implemented in pthreads-win32, and therefore they won't work for IPC. They do work within the same process though, but this is too limited IMO. If included, I think they would be a trap for programmers expecting to use them for IPC. See for example:


Medina Sr, Aurelio wrote:
If I remember correctly it was left out because it's not technically part of the POSIX Threads standard. It would be nice however if it was included as a separately library that came packaged with PThreads-Win32.

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Subject: message queues & timers

I found many threads on Aurelio Medina's message queue implementation, but it does not appear to be in the distribution. I grabbed the latest version from the mailing list, but is there a reason not to put it in the release?

Is there support for timers? I know without signals it is hard to have general purpose support, but what about just supporting SIGEV_THREAD that uses a notification function?

Alex Blanco

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