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Re: pthread_cancel doesn't work

Hi pankaj,
     In Windows, threads get cancelled only in CANCELLATION POINTS.
So you *cannot* expect your thread to get cancelled as soon as you cancel
the thread
by calling pthread_cancel. So,unless it comes across a cancellation point
it wont get cancelled.

I suggest you to do a explicit pthread_testcancel() in your thread which is
a defined cancelleation point
and the thread will relinquish when it encounters this.

some possible scenarios where a thread might not get cancelled are
> Listening in a socket
> waiting for a user input from console(getchar())


pankaj bathwal <> on 11/16/2002 11:17:31 AM

cc:    (bcc: Srikanth Sundaragopalan/HSSBLR)

Subject:  pthread_cancel doesn't work

I am trying to cancel a running thread.
I an using "pthread_cancel" function.
I have set cancel state as PTHREAD_CANCEL_ENABLE using
function "pthread_setcancelstate" but execution of my
thread does not stop.
what's wrong??
Do I have to something more??
Can I have a sample code??


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