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Stockpiling Heat Insoles

Good day!

We have a patent invention for Stockpiling Heat Insoles. The Stockpiling Heat Insoles made by new stockpiling heat material and possesses points as listed below:

1) In winter, a pair of the Stockpiling Heat Insoles can keep warm and comfortable for feet for 4 hours as soon as they be filled with heat, and the spare pair can offer warm and comfortable for more long.
2) No put any electric heating material in the insoles, they feel no different from ordinary cloth insoles. Loading heat for the Stockpiling Heat Insoles is by a special electrothermal box with autocontrol and resistance of heat leak, and filling heat takes only 2 hours.
3) The Stockpiling Heat Insoles are agree with many people into a situation without warm to keep out the cold for their feet, like students, bicyclers, motorcycle drivers, sentinels, outdoor laborers, travelers, etc. The potential market is tempting !!!
4) Only need ordinary sewing equipments for production of this item. The making technology is easily to learn.
5) The total costs of 2 pair of insole along with the electrothermal box can be within 1.0 USD in China. Investments for daily production of 500 pairs is only about 2000 USD in China.

We are ready to make over the making technology at a unhigh price, the terms is negotiable. If you are really interested to buy the making technology about this item, don't hesitate to contact us, and let us know your idea along with contact details about you or your company.

Best regards
Mr. Long Tan
Prentum Develoment Corp.
No 229 Rongshan Road, Lingui, Guilin, Chian
Fax: ++86-773-5592687

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