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Re: Deadlock interaction between pthread_cond_check_need_init.c andpthread_cond_destroy.c

I see that Mozilla mangled my table that illustrates the deadlock when it
converted it to plain text, instead of handling it intelligently. Here's
the table with the spacing corrected:

                Thread A                                            Thread B

Enters ptw32_cond_check_need_init                   Enters pthread_cond_destroy
EnterCriticalSection(&ptw32_cond_test_init_lock)    EnterCriticalSection(&ptw32_cond_list_lock)
(now holds ptw32_cond_test_init_lock)               (now holds ptw32_cond_list_lock)
Enters pthread_cond_init                            Determines that condvar is static initialized
EnterCriticalSection(&ptw32_cond_list_lock)         EnterCriticalSection(&ptw32_cond_test_init_lock)
(now waiting to enter ptw32_cond_list_lock)         (now waiting to enter ptw32_cond_test_init_lock)

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