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Re: semaphores

Rob Fanner wrote:
this might be a good alternative

     if ( ReleaseSemaphore( (*sem)->sem, GREATER_THAN_MAXIMUM_SEM_VALUE,
&value) )
          *sval = value;

Sorry that I've not hacked this into the source and sent you a correct
patch, but I'm still not confident with VC++ builds, and
I'm still a bit clueless as to how to set up a pthreadVCE.lib (which I need)
as opposed to a pthreadVC.lib (the standard
build for the distro's .dsp file).
Great! Unless there are any problems with this, it will go into the next snapshot.

Re pthreadVCE.lib, if you've built the pthreadVC.lib version successfully using the .dsp file, you should only need to add the following compiler flags:-


to build pthreadVCE.lib/.dll (and change the names of your output files of course). I don't recall off-hand what /TP does, but it's included with the other flags in the Makefile. This is what I use for the pre-built libs.

If you're using pthreadVCE.lib then you should also be defining __CLEANUP_CXX for your application build, so that the appropriate sections of pthread.h are included.

You may be interested in reading Q4 and Q5 in the pthreads-win32 FAQ file at:-

or the section "SNAPSHOT 2002-03-02 / Cleanup code default style" at:-

This will explain why the build defaults to pthreadVC. For additional information, the problems/issues have been discussed on the mailing list a couple of times, the most recent thread starts at:-


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