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RE: pthread_init_mutex problem


In general, sync primitives as data structures aren't really meant to be
transient.  A high cost at init time is not uncommon.  In terms of
protecting data that is transient, perhaps a scheme for reusing the
data structures would be in order.  Something like maintaining a linklist,
or, even better, per-thread linklists on a TLS key.  Of course, this assumes
near-identical produce and consume rates.

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> Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2002 2:08 AM
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> Subject: pthread_init_mutex problem
> hi all,
>         i am new to this mailing list. i am using pthreads 
> for windows and
> have the following problems.
> The function pthread_mutex_init is taking up CPU to a large 
> extent....In
> our program we have a lock for each data structure and this 
> data struture
> is initialized every time a new messsage is received. So under Load
> conditions the CPU utilization is reaching 100%.
> Can anyone suggest some ways to bring down this.
> regds,
> srikanth
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