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RE: pthread_create(&ID, NULL, ***AC++MemberFunction***, NULL);

simply have your class have a static member function that you use as the
instead of a friend class and do the same as your example below.

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim Hutt []
Sent: April 7, 2002 10:08 AM
Subject: Re: pthread_create(&ID, NULL, ***AC++MemberFunction***, NULL);

07/04/02 14:38:30, "XDLai" <> wrote:

>The C++ member function must be a static function.

But now I cant call non-static member function of the same class from the
thread function:

c:\t\cpp\killbot\bot.cpp(124) : error C2352: 'CBot::Connect' : illegal call
of non-static member function
        c:\t\cpp\killbot\bot.h(32) : see declaration of 'Connect'

I managed to get it to work another way by having it as a global friend
function of the class, and passing a pointer to the class as the paramater:

CBot class

friend void* Main(void* pData);

bool OtherMemberFunction();

void* Main(void* pData)
 CBot* pBot = (CBot*)pData;


Suggest any better way?

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