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Attn: President / CEO,


With great pleasure, I write to solicit for your
assistance in a matter that can be of mutual benefit
to us. I only pray that you read through carefully and
respond as promptly as possible.

Precisely, on the 25th of may 2001, the ministry of
minerals and energy in south Africa where I work as a
Director of Auditing & Project Implementation,
received Presidential irrevocable circular order
requesting the ministry to compile and forward the
list of all past foreign contractors, whose contract
payments are pending since the period of the immediate
past regime of Dr. Nelson Mandela and the present
The Purpose of this exercise was for the present South
African elected government to
Pay foreign contractors all debts owed, so as to
maintain good relationship with other foreign
Governments and non-Governmental financial agencies.
In light of the above, my colleagues and I, duly
assigned with the duty to compile this list of the
past contractors, decided to include a non-existing
company name with a bill of US$20,000,000.00Million,
with other company name and their respective bills for
payment approvals. Our intended plan is to create the
impression that (Guilder mining SA Pty) which is the
non-existing company also carried out contractual
works of supply to the ministry as well as other.  

With the co-operation of top Government officials in
the ministry and two senior colleagues of mine in the
ministry, I was therefore assigned to contact a
trusted and 
Reliable foreign based businessman, furnish him with
the appropriate documents, in laying claim to this
$20million being payment for contract work. payment
shall then be transferred upon approval to a safe
account as would be provided by you. In other words,
if you accept to be our partner then you shall be
considered, given the pertinent documentations to have
been awarded a contract already been executed by you
for which your company shall be paid the sum of

We shall follow strictly all the legal procedures
entailed in our laws and international laws in
transferring the funds to you. The source of the funds
is legitimate and authoritative. Please be informed
that with the South African Government monetary
policy, Government officials/employees are not allowed
to operate or own bank accounts abroad hence our
decision to seek a foreign partner.
I also have the authority of my colleagues involved to
negotiate your share and benefit of the US$20.million
after a successful transfer into your account.
For further information, please contact me via the
telephone/ fax number below.
TEL: 27-82-69-69-603
FAX: 27-82-69-45-770

Thanks you and God bless, as we await your urgent

Best regards,

Lucky Mashigo

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