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Re: Integrated documentation

> Studio help.  It would be completely cool to have the function
> prototype pop up when one 'hovers' over a call to the function, or to

This already happens if you build browse info for you project. Additional
documentation can be made to be shown in hovering tooltiplike if there is
documenatation in front of the function somewhere with a proper format.

I think the format which Visual C supports is something like

/* Documentation

of /** documentation */ or /*! documenatation */ .. I don't which format
it was, but I encountered this accidentally. Also I'm not sure but I guess
this requires browse info and browse info file to exist.

> release whatever I come up with to the pthreads-win32 community...

A manual in the windows help file format (and many others) can be created
with a program called Doxygen. Use google to find. It is a great thing. In
fact Doxygen supports the same format which Visual C does for it's extra
reatures I think.

-- Timo Suoranta -- --

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