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Integrated documentation

I guess this could be _slightly_ off-topic for the list, but...

Can anyone point me at resources that might explain how to extend the
standard help available from within Visual Studio, if such a thing is

What I would very much like to do is to have a set of help pages, not
unlike the standard UNIX man pages, for the pthread-win32 functions
and data types, and fully ingtegrate these within the normal Visual
Studio help.  It would be completely cool to have the function
prototype pop up when one 'hovers' over a call to the function, or to
get the man page when you hit F1 on a function, and so on.

If, perchance someone has already invented this particular wheel, I
would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction for a
copy.  If I have to 'invent' it myself, I shall be delighted to
release whatever I come up with to the pthreads-win32 community...

Oh, one final and unrelated point; the list address apears to have
changed from to - was this a 'silent' change?

"On Usenet, silence very rarely signifies assent." - Ray Depew

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