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mingw32 DLLs, threads and exceptions HOWTO (Update)

This is an update of my HOWTO that i have posted about an year ago
(see ).
After some discussion with Danny i think that he is right with his
solution to not touch libgcc.a (see ) and
create a replacement libmingthrd.a instead. I have modified his Makefile a
little to create a import library named libmingthrd.a directly so you must
not edit the specs file.

The advantages are:

1. libgcc.a remains unchanged.
2. There is only one dll left, mingwm10.dll is not needed anymore.

The instructions are simple:

Create a directory with libgcc.a, the attached Makefile and mthr.c,
mthr_init.c and crtmt.c from the mingw runtime sources. To avoid memory
leaks you should use runtime 1.2 or above.

After running make the directory will build a new libmingthrd.a and
gcc-mt-2.95.3.dll (the replacement for mingwm10.dll).
libmingthrd.a should be copied to the mingw32\lib directory (rename the
original libmingthrd.a first), the dll should be copied somewhere in your
Path (the mingw32\bin directory for example).



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