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Re: What's the suggested way to build pthreads?

I haven't tried the latest version at
but that is probably the place to start. The site looks
relatively new. Like you, I've found locating Mingw32
packages difficult in the past.

I'm still using the older version of Mingw.

I don't know, in particular, whether Thomas Pfaff's
instructions in the pthreads-win32 FAQ are needed with newer
versions of mingw to get multi-threaded exception handling
working. This is only required if you use mingw to build
versions of pthreads-win32 that use C++ exception handling
internally (it's used in thread cancelation but is not strictly
necessary). You can build a standard C version of the library
that only uses setjmp/longjmp in thread cancelation and exit
(thanks again to Thomas).

Cygwin has been adding it's own pthreads support but I don't
know exactly where they are up to. I know that people are
running the pthreads-win32 test suite against cygwin, but
again, I don't know what the failure rate is.


> Magnus Zakrisson wrote:
> I've read in the FAQ that the suggested way to build pthreads is using
> Mingw32 with the MSVCRT library. But all the links to Mingw32 seems
> very old (from the previous millenium) and some links doesn't even
> exist anylonger.
> So what is the answer today, how should I build pthreads?
> And if the answer still is that I should use Mingw32 from where do I
> get it and the other stuff that I may need?
> I have Cygwin 1.0 and VC++ 6.0 on Win2000. I also have a collegue who
> have the same environment as I do except for VC++ which he doesn't
> want to install if doesn't have to (he's working in another project
> and they don't use VC++).
> Thanks,
> Magnus

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