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Re: PthreadVSE.dll or PthreadVCE.dll


Generally it appears that there was a major change
between versions 5 and 6 of Visual Studio.
Pthreads-win32 pre-built dlls and libs are built
with MSVC 6.0.

Throwing some keywords at I found some
potentially useful information, suggesting that the
problem is in Visual Studio 5 - assuming that it's not
a simple disk full problem.

Here are some of the URLs that I found:

Suggests an internal VS bug with fix:-

Suggests that there is an incompatibility between
VS 5 and 6 libraries, and so building the library from
source using VS 5 may be the solution:-

Many more links can be found here:-

Hope this helps.

Kerry Barnes wrote:
> Hi
> Does anyone have a solution for the problme given by Vianaya below.  I'm
> seeing exactly the same problem with WINNT4.0 and VC5.0 tools.   I've been
> able to link the pthreadVC.lib files using Windows 2000 and VC6.0 tools.  So
> I'm sure that I've downloaded the files correctly.
> Kerry Barnes
> Blue Horizon Development Software, Inc.
> 18000 Horizon Way
> Mt Laurel, NJ 08054
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> PthreadVSE.dll or PthreadVCE.dll
> To: pthreads-win32 at sourceware dot cygnus dot com
> Subject: PthreadVSE.dll or PthreadVCE.dll
> From: Vinaya Thimmappa <vkt at india dot hp dot com>
> Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 11:11:43 +0530
> Organization: Hewlett Packard
> Hi all,
>    * I just downloaded the pthread-win32 library file .
>    * I am using WINNT4.0 with VC5.0 tool for compilation.
>    * I wrote a small program ,which  creates a simple mutex and then
>      destroys it
>    * It compiles fine .But after that is  the problem,
>    * while linking I got the following error:
>    * "pthreadVSE.lib : fatal error LNK1106: invalid file or disk full:
>      cannot seek to                 0x3a4c4c46"
>    * I added in projects-->settings->win32 debug->link ,the pthread.lib
>      file.
>    * The dll is in winnt/system32/ directory
>    * I have tried with both  pthreadVSE.dll and pthread.VCE.dll but
>      invain.
>    * Can anyone tell me why is this happening and how to rectify it .
> Thanks
> Regards
> vinaya

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