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[Fwd: 64-Bit pthreads]

I'm forwarding your questions to the list in case someone
has been there already and is able to help.

It's not clear from your message whether you've tried
building the library from source. The list may be better
able to help with specific problems that arise from doing

One area I would expect a problem is in cancel.c. That is,
the #defines at the top of the file used later by the
routine ptw32_cancel_thread(). This is the only hardware
dependent code in the library.


> I am currently working on a multi-threaded application on a Windows2000
> platform.  I have been working on making my code platform independent so
> it will run on both Windows and Unix operating systems.  At the same time
> I am attempting to port all of my code to the new 64-bit architecture
> (Intel's Itanium processor).  One of the problems I am running into is the
> libraries created for pthreads are 32-bit libraries and I need them to be
> 64-bit in order for them to work on my new machine.  Have there been any
> efforts to port pthreads to 64-bits on a Windows platform?  If not, do you
> know what needs to be done to make pthreads runnable on WindowsXP 64-Bit
> Edition?  I would appreciate any help I can get on this subject matter,
> even if it means that I have to change to a new thread class.
> Thanks,
> --Bryan Montross

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