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RE: posix msg queues


As Ross J. pointed out earlier the PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED attribute is not
yet available.  What this means for the POSIX MQ code that I provided is
that it is not safe to use on Win32 if you have more than one process using
the same MQ.  It is still safe on other systems that support this attribute
but do not have a MQ library available.

NOTE: I use POSIX MQ in my Win32 apps to queue data between two threads in
the same process.  It is safe to use in this fashion.  Hopefully the
PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED attribute will become available later.


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Subject: posix msg queues


Got your posix tester code working on solaris2.7, hpux11.0, and windoze
Thanks for making the posix port to win32 painless!  Actually I modified the
code to send a data structure with the message buffer as one of the fields
in the 
structure, as my project requires, and every msg receive I go through a
checking algorithm to make sure I dont drop data, etc...

I'm now breaking this modified tester.c into two processes where one is a
and the other a receiver.  All compiles and runs, but the receiver never
gets the data.
Im looking at mq_open on Solaris and trying to undertsand what might be the
why the reciever process never gets the data from the sender process?

Any ideas?  Know of any tutorials on posix ipc out?


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