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Using a class method as starting routine.


A rather dump question: how to use a class method as a starting routine
of pthread_create().

I have the following code:
/*    create.h    */
#ifndef _CREATE_H_
#define _CREATE_H_

#include <stdio.h>
#include "pthread.h"

class create
 void *thread_routine(void *arg);
 void start();


/*    create.cpp    */
#include "create.h"

void *create::thread_routine(void *arg)
 printf("The thread is here\n");
 return NULL;

void create::start()
 pthread_t thread_id;
 pthread_attr_t thread_attr;

 pthread_create(&thread_id, &thread_attr, create::thread_routine, NULL);



When I compiled it using VC6.0 (win32-pthread library of course), I got

C:\ye\work\vs\pthread_projects\create\create.cpp(14) : error C2664:
'pthread_create' : cannot convert parameter 3 from 'void *(void *)' to
'void *(__cdecl *)(void *)'
        None of the functions with this name in scope match the target
Error executing cl.exe.

It seems that the compiler does not recognize thread_routine as a
address. Why does it happen? How to get around of it?

Thanks a lot!


Ye Liu
Tel(O) 650-846-5228

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