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RE: Posix

Hello Phil,
I've got it.
Yes, I had problems with running some app. The app is crashed inside POSIX
Threads for Win32 Library. After I allocate memory before calling xxx_init
functions the problem is disappeared. Now I understand that the problem not
in using POSIX function but the memory is corrupted somewhere else.

Thank you,
Alexey Sushkov.

-----Original Message-----
From: Phil Frisbie, Jr. []
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2001 7:59 PM
To: Alexey Sushkov
Subject: Re: Posix

Alexey Sushkov wrote:
> Hello Phil,
> Thank you for quick answer. Yes I'am using POSIX Threads for Win32

Sorry for that question, I did not notice that your message came from the
pthreads-win32 mail list. Did I reply to the list, or directly to you? I was
yet fully awake this morning :)

> I have new question: are you allocate memory before using the functions?

No. Both pthread_attr_init and pthread_mutex_init allocate the structures.

> If yes it means that the app I am porting has bugs because there no memory
> allocation before using the functions. There is passed only a pointer to
> pointer into the functions.

You only pass a pointer to pointer for both.

Are you having a problem compiling your app? Or running it?

> With best regards,
> Alexey Sushkov.

Phil Frisbie, Jr.
Lead Developer, Hawk Software

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