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[Q] Successful WinCE MIPS build, anyone?

Has anyone successfully built the 8-13 snapshot of pthreads targeted to
WinCE MIPS using the Windows CE toolkit for Visual C++? If you could
describe the process for doing so or send along a makefile/dsp file it
would really help me out.

I've tweaked the Makefile, and the batch files that come with the
pthreads distro, (/DWINCE, etc.) and run the batch files that come with
the WinCE toolkit that are supposed to set up your environment for
cross-compilation, etc. but everytime I switch the compiler from cl.exe
to clmips.exe I get errors complaining about missing headers etc. which
seem to me to indicate that the /DWINCE definition is not getting seen
by the preprocessor. Adding #define WINCE to the config.h file doesn't
seem to help either. Something is going crazy here but I can't figure
out how to get the correct build environment set up. Can anyone lend me
a hand?

Note: the clmips compiler complains about /GX (use c++ exceptions) so
I've been trying to build with SEH.


                Brett A. Funderburg | 5515 Balcones Dr. | Austin, TX | 78731
         (512) 374-1991 x5004 | ICQ #163328

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