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Re: New incoming snapshot ?

I'll do another snapshot soonish. I think there's only one
real bug fix amongst the new stuff (a race condition in tsd.c)
reported by Hugues Talbot.

Also some tightening up of similar code elsewhere,
and a bunch of ANSI C conformance name changes
(removing leading underscores from internal identifiers).

Let me know about those problems you're having.


Paul Redondo wrote:
> Helle world, Hi Ross
> I'm having heavy problems with the 2000-08-13 snapshot (i'm using the "VCE"
> version). Well... Perhaps it's not worth talking about it right now. I can
> use an older snapshot.
> Nevertheless, I've just looked at the pthreads CVS tree and found some
> recent fixes (2000-08-22). So, do u plan de release a new snapshot in the
> next days ?
> Thanks in advance.
> C.U.
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