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followup: Does libpthread32 work on multiprocessor machines

	Hello all,

I'm referring to the email I sent to this list a few days ago
about an application compiled with libpthread (latest snapshot)
using gcc (2.95.2) that works on single-processors machines but
not on a dual-processor ones.  The really
troublesome bit is that it's very hard to debug, because gdb also
crashes and burns in this situation (I've tried the mingw32 version
and the cygwin one (latest) to no avail).

	After much effort I managed to compile my application 
with MS Visual C++ over the week-end, hoping to get more insight 
on the failure. I linked with pthreadVCE.lib and in fact, it seems
to work just fine! So the problem seems to be with gcc. 

	So, a note to the users of this library: if you plan to
use this library on SMP machines, it's safer to user MSVC++,


Hugues Talbot, CSIRO Mathematical & Information Sciences
Locked Bag 17, Building E6B, Macquarie University  North Ryde  
NSW  2113  Australia           Ph: 61 2 9325 3208 Fax: 61 2 9325 3200

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