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Re: Does libpthread32 work on multiprocessor machines


Would you be able to grab the pthreads-win32 1999-11-02 source
and run the testsuite therein? To run the tests you should
find that tests\Makefile is actually GNU compatible but
will expect to find pthread.dll and libpthread32.a in the
parent directory (tests\..).

I'm still tracking down problems with the Mingw32 built dll
for the current snapshot but that work is in the queue behind
a couple of other projects at the moment.


Hugues Talbot wrote:
>         Hello,
>         The subject says it all. I've got this application which
> works just fine using Pthread.dll on a single-processor NT box,
> but crashes and burns on a dual-processor one. Same executable,
> same patchlevel, running NT4.0pl6. I'm using the older snapshot
> though, not the most recent one, and I'm compiling with mingw32
> (gcc 2.95-2).
>         The same code runs fine on multiprocessor Unix boxes
> (Linux, Solaris and Compaq Tru64).
>         Thanks for any insight.
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