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New Pthreads snapshot 2000-08-13

Pthreads-win32 snapshot 2000-08-13 is up now at:

Self-extracting Zip, tar.gz, pre-built libraries, or 
unpacked sources are available.


There are name changes, and warnings about running the
appropriate version of the library depending on
which EH scheme you are using. You can't mix them.

The following versions have passed the testsuite:

	pthreadVCE.dll	(VC++ compiled/using C++ EH)
	pthreadVSE.dll	(VC++ compiled/using SEH)

There is still no GNU compiled version due to bugs
but I have included the following files anyway since
they may be of use:

	pthreadGCE.dll	(really a copy of pthreadVCE.dll)
	libpthreadw32.a	(derived from pthreadVCE.dll)

They will result in mixed EH schemes if loaded by
applications built with G++. They fail the testsuite
at tests\cleanup1.c.

We really need pthreadGCE.dll to be built by G++.


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