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Announcing Pthreads-win32 snapshot 2000-08-10


I've just uploaded snapshot 2000-08-10 to

I'm hoping this will be an interim snapshot only
(see below).

As usual the project web site with links to the
announcement is at

Change Summary (since the last snapshot)
(See the ChangeLog file for details. My apologies
if I've missed an attribution.)

-       asynchronous cancelation on X86 (Jason Nye)
-       Makefile compatible with MS nmake to replace
-       GNUmakefile for Mingw32
-       tests/Makefile for MS nmake replaces runall.bat
-       tests/GNUmakefile for Mingw32
Bugs fixed:
-       kernel32 load/free problem
-       hide internal exceptions from application
        exception handlers (__try/__except and try/catch blocks)
-       Win32 thread handle leakage bug
        (David Baggett/Paul Redondo/Eyal Lebedinsky)
Some new tests have been added.

The DLL builds fine for both VC++ using SEH and Mingw32
g++. The VC++ SEH dll passes all the tests, HOWEVER,
please note the list of known bugs below. I have some more detailed
information on bug 1 if anyone is interested in tracking it down
and wants a better starting point. Also, if those who have
built previous snapshots under VC++ using C++ EH rather than SEH
could let the list know if it builds and tests ok, that will
obviously help.

Known bugs in this snapshot
1. Running the test "join1.c" with the library built with Mingw32
and the GNUmakefile included, the test fails with a segmentation
page access) exception. The fault appears to be in the assembler code
emmitted by the compiler [to handle exception contexts] at the
end of the try block in _pthread_threadStart().
2. There are problems with using the libpthread32.a file derived
from the VC++ SEH version of pthread.dll. You may have to wait until
bug(1.) is fixed.
3. I have not been able to build with VC++ using C++ EH. This is a
maintainer problem who doesn't know how to do it. Consequently
there may also be basic parser errors and warnings to be cleaned
up in the code.

| Ross Johnson         |   | E-Mail:
| Info Sciences and Eng|___|
| University of Canberra   | FAX:    +61 6 2015227
| PO Box 1                 |
| Belconnen  ACT    2616   | WWW:
| AUSTRALIA                |

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