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Re: pthreads comments and suggestions [was: Re: Handle leak ?]

Paul Redondo wrote:
> > I got this same reaction when I notified this list about the bug
> > before: nobody believed there was a bug. TRY IT.
> I do confirm. There IS a bug. I'm gonna try your fix (the null testing), and
> relaunch the whole test (creation of detached threads during 24 hours).

David Baggett is currently testing another patch, this time in

The theory is that _beginthreadex() should start threads suspended
so that the HANDLE it returns can be assigned to thread-threadH
before the thread gets too far or ends (if it's a very short thread).

Seems obvious now, but ...

That is, the patch below:

  thread->threadH = (HANDLE)
    _beginthreadex (
                     (void *) NULL,     /* No security info */
                     (unsigned) stackSize,      /* default stack size */
                     (unsigned (PT_STDCALL *) (void *))
                     (unsigned) CREATE_SUSPENDED,
                     (unsigned *) &(thread->thread));

  if (thread->threadH != (HANDLE) 0 && run)

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