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Re: [pthread-win32] Re: Thank you guys, thank you!

Ales Pour wrote:
> >         Now for some additional question: how is it possible to compile
> > against the pthread.lib, not the DLL, to produce a (more) static
> > executable, so that I don't have to ship pthread.dll? Sorry if this
> > is an elementary question, I'm new to this.
> As far as I know, .lib files are import libraries that doesn't contain
> any code (which resides in according .dll); there's no way to have win32
> static binary as we know it from unix...

What do you mean ?

We are using static pthread.lib libraries in our Windows development,
and it works just fine.  our application is linked with
pthread.lib and does not require any pthread.dll.

pthread.lib was generated like any other .lib library, by
linking together all the .obj files of the pthread package.

The only special thing that we had to do is:

the application must call _pthread_processInitialize()
before calling any other pthread_win32 function.

Normally this routine is called automatically when the dll is
attached, so here it must be called explicitely.


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