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RE: Thank you guys, thank you!

1- About static librairies. There is static librairies on Win32. You create
them using the MS link executable without the switch -dll
Note that not all dll can compiled as static librairies. dll that exploits
the fact that they are dll (use of attachement / detachement, dll segment as
the data_seg...etc) can't be compiled as librairies.

2- About fork(). the meaning of fork has nothing to do with CreateProcess.
Among other, there is no parent-child relationship on the Win32 processes.
It's quite hard to simulate a fork() on Win32. Cygnus does it on cygwin but
with many extra-work than simply calling CreateProcess...

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De: Ales Pour []
Date: jeudi 20 juillet 2000 13:18
Objet: Re: Thank you guys, thank you!

>         Now for some additional question: how is it possible to compile
> against the pthread.lib, not the DLL, to produce a (more) static
> executable, so that I don't have to ship pthread.dll? Sorry if this
> is an elementary question, I'm new to this.

As far as I know, .lib files are import libraries that doesn't contain
any code (which resides in according .dll); there's no way to have win32
static binary as we know it from unix...

>         Also, does anyone know of a useful implementation of the
> fork() Unix system call ?

Have a look at CreateProcess().

>         And finally, does anyone know of an implementation of
> POSIX shared memory scheme for windows?

Don't know, sorry.


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