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Thank you guys, thank you!


	I'd like to thank all the developers, testers, participants,
etc, of the pthread library for win32.

	I was expecting to spend days, if not weeks to port this 
largish application from Unix to Windows, which of course makes
heavy uses of threads, mutexes, etc. Not to mention sockets, and
it's a GUI application...

	libpthread32 made it a breeze. Not a single problem, just
a straight recompile!

For the record, I'm using mingw32, both natively on windows (this
is one verrry slooow compiler, my God) and as a cross-compiler from
Linux. The base compiler is gcc-2.95.2 with latest patches and
libraries from Mumit Khan. I got libpthread working both with 
the CRTDLL and the MSVCRT back end, on windows NT 4.0. I used the
excellent advice from Thomas Sailer to produce the libpthread.a
to compile against, which should be in the FAQ I guess.

The GUI is using FLTK ( Recommended if you are going
to do some cross-platform GUI work.

	Now for some additional question: how is it possible to compile
against the pthread.lib, not the DLL, to produce a (more) static
executable, so that I don't have to ship pthread.dll? Sorry if this
is an elementary question, I'm new to this.

	Also, does anyone know of a useful implementation of the
fork() Unix system call ? 

	And finally, does anyone know of an implementation of 
POSIX shared memory scheme for windows? 

	Mainly I'd like to thank you guys so much again!

Hugues Talbot, CSIRO Mathematical & Information Sciences
Locked Bag 17, Building E6B, Macquarie University  North Ryde  
NSW  2113  Australia           Ph: 61 2 9325 3208 Fax: 61 2 9325 3200

"Man, if you gotta ask you'll never know."
Louis Armstrong, in response to the question "What is Jazz?"

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