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Re: Project Coordination

Ross Johnson wrote:
> Dear all,
> This is a call for someone to take over as maintainer of
> the Pthreads-Win32 project.
> There has not been a new release in 7 months even though
> a number (but not an overwhelming number) of patches and
> additions have been contributed during that time. The
> current source tree is kept on
> although there is no requirement to keep it there.

Ok, I accidently managed to post this prematurely. I was just
going to add that I think the project needs someone who has
more enthusiasm and expertise to put into it than I.

My interest in the project was to learn about pthreads and
get some idea of the Win32 API. That initial interest has been
satisfied and I now have other interests that I've been

The project seems to have been quite successful thanks to the
quality of the contributed code. It needs someone with
the core interest to keep those candles burning.

I have a bunch of email from people who have sent in patches
(although I may have lost a few in a disk crash around january).
I also have some complete source trees for building with
Borland (from different contributors). I will upload these
and the email to the ftp site in the next few days.


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