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Re: cancelling

See the documentation on the "_set_se_translator" function for translating
to SEH to C++ exceptions.

Lorin Hochstein

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From: "Bossom, John" <John.Bossom@Cognos.COM>
To: "'Thomas Sailer'" <>; "Bossom, John"
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Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 10:33 AM
Subject: RE: cancelling

> Now, originally I implemented the pthread_cancel mechanism
> with Microsoft's SEH (Structured Exception Handling)
> and internally the BAD DEED is being thrown using this
> mechanism and being caught by the thread start routine.
> You should check to see if someone changed the thread
> start routine to use the C++ exception mechanism.
> The drawback of SEH is that it doesn't work well
> with C++ as it bypasses the C++ stack unwinding
> (i.e. calling destructors).
> This could be handled by using a hook function that
> maps SEH into C++ exceptions and using C++ exception
> handling in your mainline for your thread. You'll
> have to do some reading on providing the hook in
> the Microsoft documentation. (I haven't done this
> but it seems like a good theory anyway ;^)
> John.
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> From: Thomas Sailer []
> Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 7:21 AM
> To: Bossom, John
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: cancelling
> "Bossom, John" wrote:
> > Check to see if the code base for pthread is wrapping
> > an exception handler around your thread mainline
> > (the original code had an internal routine called "threadStart"
> > which used Microsoft's Structured Exception Handling for catching all
> > exceptions raised in your thread.)
> The thread I'm trying to cancel was created with pthread_create,
> and internally the thread routine is started through
> _pthread_threadStart, which should be fine.
> The thread that tries to cancel is the initial thread, i.e.
> the one that called _main.
> > Now, your thread is recognizing the cancel (the exception
> > hex value is human readable: BAD DEED) and should have
> I thought that the constant wasn't chosen arbitrarily :))
> Tom

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