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RE: cancelling

Check to see if the code base for pthread is wrapping
an exception handler around your thread mainline
(the original code had an internal routine called "threadStart"
which used Microsoft's Structured Exception Handling for catching all
exceptions raised in your thread.)
The cancel mechanism was implemented using this strategy.
Now, your thread is recognizing the cancel (the exception
hex value is human readable: BAD DEED) and should have
been caught by the threadStart wrapper, which would have
gracefully shut down your thread.

I am not familiar with the code base anymore so you will
have to ask others... ie Ross

-----Original Message-----
From: Thomas Sailer []
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2000 11:55 AM
Subject: cancelling

I'm trying to cancel a thread that is blocking
in pthread_cond_wait. When I do this, I get:
gdb: unknown target exception 0xebaddeed at 0x77e79b01

I'm using the precompiled snapshot 1999-11-02,
the rest of the program is compiled with the current
(as of two weeks ago) cygwin gcc (with -mno-cygwin).

What am I missing?


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