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Re: Bug report with source code attached

John Bossom wrote:

> 1) you didn't include the thread code, so we really don't
>    know if all the threads are still consuming resources
>    (and running!) or not. If they are you are chewing up
>    all the system resources... there should be sufficient
>    checks in both your code (and pthreads-win32) to deal
>    with out of memory/resource errors (i.e. checking for
>    failures of malloc, etc.)

I think I may have been confusing.

That wasn't a *piece* of the code that causes the crash --
that code *itself* will cause a crash. In other words, there 
is no more code to show you as far as eliciting the bug
is concerned. Of course, in my real app the threads actually
do things, but that seems to have no bearing on this crash bug.
I watered down my test case to the code I sent, and that's all
you need to cause a crash. In other words, just paste that code
into "test.cpp", compile it, and run it. Within about 15
minutes the program should crash.

I know it looks pretty unlikely, but that's what happens
on my machine (NT SP5, 1GB RAM). I'd certainly be 
interested to learn that nobody else can duplicate this crash
if that's the case -- that means I need to reinstall NT,
I suppose.


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