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The makefile for nmake


I see my version of the makefile for MS nmake is to be included in the new
snapshot, but it contains an error:

pthread.dll: $(OBJ) pthread.def	
	cl /LDd /Zi *.obj /Fepthread.dll \
	pthread.def \		
	/link /nodefaultlib:libcmt \		

This links the DLL to msvcrt.lib. The last two lines can be replaced by the
/MD switch, which does the same.

	cl /W3 /MT /nologo /Yd /Zi /I. \
		/D_WIN32_WINNT=0x400 \
		/DSTDCALL=_stdcall \
		-c $<

This links to libcmt.lib using /MT (yes, AFAIK even during a compile! in any
case, the /MT switch is inconsistent which the link command above). 

Libcmt is the statically linked thread-safe c-lib, and msvcrt.lib is the
dynamically linked thread-safe c-lib. Since using a DLL will save memory (it
can be shared between processes static libs CAN'T be shared), i suggest
using msvcrt. I've been using it with pthreads-win32 for some months now
without any glich.

Also, the link command includes "*.obj" which should be "$(OBJ)". 

Here's the diff:

<       cl /LDd /Zi *.obj /Fepthread.dll \
<               pthread.def \
<               /link /nodefaultlib:libcmt \
<               msvcrt.lib
>       cl /LDd /Zi /MD $(OBJ) /Fepthread.dll pthread.def
<       cl /W3 /MT /nologo /Yd /Zi /I. \
>       cl /W3 /MD /nologo /Yd /Zi /I. \

Erik Hensema

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