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Re: Activity on this list

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Erik Hensema wrote:

> Hi,
> The last message on this list was from 8 Dec 1999. Has development on
> pthreads-win32 stopped, or is it just slow?

It's been slow of late on my part due to other work, but I'm back
into it now.

A new snapshot should be out soon but if you have access to the CVS
repository and don't mind building the library from source you can
get the latest as of yesterday. This includes Jason Nye's async
cancelation and some other improvements. I have one or two other
contributions to incorporate before the next snapshot which will
definitely be out in the next couple of days.

PS. I like to try to only commit tested code to the CVS main branch,
and the latest changes have passed the expanded test suite, so
grabbing the sources from the repository shouldn't be too risky.


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