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Re: Cygwin confusion

Love <> writes:
> Some comments to make pthreads-win32 compile on cygwin, there is no
> erase command on my system, please autoconf for it or use rm.
> AC_CHECK_HEADER never adds the HAVE_SIGNAL_H to the config.h,


> After that I don't really know what to do, there is a lot of __MINGW32__ and 
> __MSVCRT__, but where do Cygwin fit in ?

Some of the changes are superceded by my patch for mingw, so not quite

Cygwin doesn't support threaded code, so nobody has bothered to do much 
with it. This is not true for development snapshots, which you can build
with --enable-threads, but there are other issues (gcc must be built with
thread-safety, and then there is a small chicken and egg problem); Cygwin
also provides a minimal pthreads implementation with built thread enabled,
but it's quite inadequate at the moment.

The configur'y in pthreads is badly in need of a rewrite, and I'll do that
at some point. Currently, most of the work is being down with VC++, so
it's probably not getting stressed. I have rewritten most of the autoconf
mechanism, but I want to wait until my last patch is accepted before
submitting these. 

> Dunno what to do about that DWORD change.

It's about the same thing for 32-bit w32api in the context of this 
particular piece of code, so makes no difference for now.


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