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SV: semaphores

	-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
	Från:	Bossom, John [SMTP:John.Bossom@Cognos.COM]
	Skickat:	den 21 april 1999 15:36
	Till:	Ambrus Mikael
	Ämne:	RE: semaphores

	OK, that must explain it. Thanks!

	I will try your suggestions by tomorrow.

	W.k.r. Michael Ambrus

	If I understand this correctly, you decide to delay checking errno
until after calling both perror AND printf.
	printf could call any number of system level functions that can
possibly change errno.
	You are not supposed to have any intervening system calls between
the one you made and the check of errno.  I suggest you copy errno to a
local variable if you want to delay checking it...