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Re: newcomer has a question

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, D. J. Foreman wrote:

> Hi All,
> Just tried my 1st Visual C++ compile of a simple pthreads program, which
> only does a pthread_create, just to see if I've got everything set up
> correctly.  I am getting the following error (and many like it) in winnt.h
> (which I didn't include myself).  My only includes are: pthread.h,
> LEDA/string.h, iostream.h and iomanip.h.
> Am I doing something wrong?
> d:\DevStudio\VC\INCLUDE\winnt.h(199) : error C2467: illegal declaration of
> anonymous 'struct'
> PS. The LEDA include is the "Library of Efficient Data-structures and
> Algorithms" from the Max Planck Institute.

The line it's complaining about in WINNT.H seems odd to me. The same
case compiled with gcc causes a warning:

x.c:11: warning: unnamed struct/union that defines no instances

#if defined(MIDL_PASS)
typedef struct _LARGE_INTEGER {
#else // MIDL_PASS
typedef union _LARGE_INTEGER {
    struct {
        DWORD LowPart;
        LONG HighPart;
    };                 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Line 199
    struct {
        DWORD LowPart;
        LONG HighPart;
    } u;
#endif //MIDL_PASS
    LONGLONG QuadPart;

I don't believe this problem is precipitated by anything in
pthreads-win32. Perhaps the LEDA code is causing the midl stuff
(something to do with double longs?) to be included.


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