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[PTHREADS-WIN32]: Snapshot 1999-04-07 Erratum

I've just uploaded new pre-built versions of the dll etc to:

Updated source files will follow soon.

Following standard practice :-(, as soon as I'd sent the
announcement out I realised that I'd made a mistake in errno.c. The
conditional compilation of _errno() was inverted from what it
should have been, which means that it was compiled in for
environments that don't need it.

Nor did I include _errno in pthread.def, which means that two
"wrongs" can make a "right" (I think). I still haven't included it
and probably won't because neither MSVC nor Mingw32 need it, and
Cygwin now has preliminary thread-safety as a non-default build
option. If you need it then just add it to your own copy. I may
include some preprocessor tricks in the Makefile to sort this out

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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