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[PTHREADS]: Mailing List Details

Hi all,

As was announced recently, this list has moved to a new address:

If you're reading this now, it means that you are already subscribed
to the new list. This also means that the message you received when
you originally subscribed is probably irrelevant as the list server
software has also changed. So this message is intended to provide
you with a few details that you may find useful:


(just going on vacation? that is, where your subscribed address ==
your current address)

Just send a message to:-

The subject and message body are ignored.

(got a new job? that is, where your subscribed address != your
current address, but you can still read mail via the old address)

Send a message to:-

where:	USER is your old user name
	OLD.DOM is your old host.domain address

Note the use of '=' in place of '@' for the old address.

A confirmation message will be sent to USER@OLD.DOM (which is
hopefully being forwarded to your new address). Responding to it
will remove the old address from the list.


Just send a message to:-

The subject and body of your message will be ignored.

Reply to the confirmation message when you get it.

Getting info

Send a message to:-

Will send you a reply containing any list specific info, as well as
some more help describing list commands, eg. how to get archived
list messages. (Note that messages sent to the list prior to the
move were not archived.)


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| University of Canberra   | FAX:    +61 6 2015227
| PO Box 1                 |
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