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Update cdefs.h to match modern FreeBSD


I expect this is the most controversial of the patches. :)

It is basically the cdefs.h file from FreeBSD 8.x with the
addition of __ASMNAME from the old cdefs.h because
I couldn't compile gcc without it being there.

Also I disabled the section of code which uses _POSIX_C_SOURCE
to define a number of other macros unless you were targeting
RTEMS. Honestly, I didn't want to break any other target and this
looked like code which could do it.  RTEMS needs it for the new
FreeBSD code but I can't confidently state that it is acceptable
for anyone else.

I am perfectly happy to put this in sys/rtems if that's the

I am assuming this requires more than a simple "OK to apply?" :)

2012-09-05 Joel Sherrill <>

    * libc/include/sys/cdefs.h: Update to newer FreeBSD version.
    Make OS POSIX level features conditional on __rtems__.
    * libc/include/sys/features.h: Update rtems section to match cdefs.h

-- Joel Sherrill, Ph.D. Director of Research& Development On-Line Applications Research Ask me about RTEMS: a free RTOS Huntsville AL 35805 Support Available (256) 722-9985

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