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[newlib-cygwin] Add --disable-newlib-fno-builtin to allow compilation without -fno-builtin for smaller and faster co

[newlib-cygwin] Add 32-bit compat for ioctls that take struct ifgroupreq.

[newlib-cygwin] Add __nl_item to <sys/_types.h> and use it

[newlib-cygwin] Add _IOC_NEWLEN() and _IOC_NEWTYPE() macros.

[newlib-cygwin] Add a limit of the number of fragments per IPv6 packet.

[newlib-cygwin] Add a mmap flag (MAP_32BIT) on 64-bit platforms

[newlib-cygwin] Add a new file operations hook for mmap

[newlib-cygwin] Add a new fo_fill_kinfo fileops method

[newlib-cygwin] Add a place for a driver to report rx timestamps

[newlib-cygwin] Add attributes to allocator functions

[newlib-cygwin] Add BSP and semihosting library for nios2-generic-nommu QEMU emulation.

[newlib-cygwin] Add MAP_EXCL flag for mmap(2).

[newlib-cygwin] Add SOL_SOCKET level socket option

[newlib-cygwin] Add the "TCP Blackbox Recorder"

[newlib-cygwin] Added Restriction on base value

[newlib-cygwin] Allow to specify PCP on packets not belonging to any VLAN.

[newlib-cygwin] Avoid ARM SWI Seek when querying file position

[newlib-cygwin] Change the return type of converttoint and document the semantics

[newlib-cygwin] Committed, CRIS port: fix fallout from time_t defaulting to 64 bits, part 1

[newlib-cygwin] Committed, CRIS port: fix fallout from time_t defaulting to 64 bits, part 2

[newlib-cygwin] Correct sysctl names.

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag cygwin-2_11_0-release

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag cygwin-2_11_1-release

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag newlib-snapshot-20180720

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag newlib-snapshot-20180802

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag newlib-snapshot-20180831

[newlib-cygwin] ctype: Avoid GCC note in towctrans_l.c

[newlib-cygwin] ctype: Fix bitfield types on 16-bit targets

[newlib-cygwin] ctype: Fix integer type for caseconv_entry::delta

[newlib-cygwin] Cygwin: define _POSIX_ASYNCHRONOUS_IO

[newlib-cygwin] Declare GNU-specific sched_getcpu()

[newlib-cygwin] Define a new __alloc_size2 attribute to complement the exiting support.

[newlib-cygwin] Document the log table generation method

[newlib-cygwin] Drop non-reserved parameter names from sys/signal.h

[newlib-cygwin] e_scalb.c: Call scalbln instead of scalbn on 16-bit targets to ensure constant fits in an int.

[newlib-cygwin] Fix a bug of perror()/psignal() that changes the orientation of stderr.

[newlib-cygwin] Fix AArch32 semihosting SYS_EXIT call on semihosting v1.

[newlib-cygwin] Fix access to ifru_buffer on freebsd32.

[newlib-cygwin] Fix code style and comments of new math code

[newlib-cygwin] Fix comparison between two character arrays

[newlib-cygwin] Fix large ulp error in pow without fma very near 1.0

[newlib-cygwin] Fix namespace issues in sinf, cosf and sincosf

[newlib-cygwin] Fix newlib functions perror()/psignal() not to use writev().

[newlib-cygwin] Fix strtod ("nan") and strtold ("nan") returns wrong negative NaN

[newlib-cygwin] Fix strtof ("-nan") returns positive NaN

[newlib-cygwin] Fix the documentation comment of checkint

[newlib-cygwin] Fix the documentation comments for log_inline in pow

[newlib-cygwin] Fix to stop a fall-through in a switch statement

[newlib-cygwin] Follow the RFC6980 and silently ignore following IPv6 NDP messages

[newlib-cygwin] FreeBSD compat. __alloc_size(), __alloc_align()

[newlib-cygwin] Garbage collect IFCAP_POLLING_NOCOUNT.

[newlib-cygwin] if: Add ioctls to get RSS key and hash type/function.

[newlib-cygwin] iflib(9): Add support for cloning pseudo interfaces

[newlib-cygwin] Implement a limit on on the number of IPv6 reassembly

[newlib-cygwin] Implement address space guards.

[newlib-cygwin] Implement INHERIT_ZERO for minherit(2).

[newlib-cygwin] Implement process-shared locks support

[newlib-cygwin] Implement read(2)/write(2) and neccessary lseek(2)

[newlib-cygwin] Implement several enhancements to NUMA policies.

[newlib-cygwin] Improve sincosf comments

[newlib-cygwin] Improve strncmp for mutually misaligned inputs

[newlib-cygwin] Improve strstr performance of short needles

[newlib-cygwin] Include sys/syslimits.h in limits.h

[newlib-cygwin] include: further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.

[newlib-cygwin] Listening sockets improvements.

[newlib-cygwin] Load balance sockets with new SO_REUSEPORT_LB option

[newlib-cygwin] Load balance sockets with new SO_REUSEPORT_LB option.

[newlib-cygwin] Make _Static_assert() work with GCC in older C++ standards.

[newlib-cygwin] math_config.h: Fix signed overflow warning for 16-bit targets

[newlib-cygwin] memcmp.S: optimize for medium to large sizes

[newlib-cygwin] Move __HAVE_FAST_FMA to math_config.h

[newlib-cygwin] Move uio enums to sys/_uio.h.

[newlib-cygwin] mprotect(): Change prototype to comply to POSIX.

[newlib-cygwin] newlib: don't check malloc/free pointer

[newlib-cygwin] newlib: don't use __visibility__ attrribute on Cygwin

[newlib-cygwin] newlib: fix various gcc warnings

[newlib-cygwin] newlib: newlocale: fix typo rendering ctype_ptr invalid

[newlib-cygwin] newlib: strftime: fix gcc warning on __ctloc

[newlib-cygwin] newlib: strftime: fix over-enthusiastic fix from 0283642f35ce

[newlib-cygwin] newlib: wordexp: drop dangerous fprintf

[newlib-cygwin] Patch from Richard Earnshaw <Richard dot Earnshaw at arm dot com>

[newlib-cygwin] Print sign of NaN values to nano-vfprintf.

[newlib-cygwin] Relax visibility for some termios symbols.

[newlib-cygwin] Remove float compare option from sincosf

[newlib-cygwin] Remove lint support from system headers and MD x86 headers.

[newlib-cygwin] Remove myself from MAINTAINERS

[newlib-cygwin] Remove unused NaN's integer representation definitions

[newlib-cygwin] Remove unused TOINT_RINT and TOINT_SHIFT macros

[newlib-cygwin] Remove unused variable 'one' from sf_cos.c

[newlib-cygwin] Renumber copyright clause 4

[newlib-cygwin] Retire the unimplemented MAP_RENAME

[newlib-cygwin] Revert r332894 at the request of the submitter.

[newlib-cygwin] RISC-V: Do not use _init/_fini

[newlib-cygwin] RISC-V: Fix _sbrk, it's failed only when return value is -1.

[newlib-cygwin] RISC-V: Fixed return code in _times syscall.

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Add __BSD_VISIBLE in <sys/_termios.h>

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Add __tls_get_addr() to crt0

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Add aligned_alloc() to crt0

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Add kvaddr_t and ksize_t

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Introduce <machine/_kernel_if.h>

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Introduce <machine/_kernel_in.h>

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Introduce <machine/_kernel_in6.h>

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Introduce <machine/_kernel_mman.h>

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Introduce <machine/_kernel_socket.h>

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Introduce <machine/_kernel_uio.h>

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Unconditionally define _off_t to int64_t

[newlib-cygwin] RTEMS: Update FreeBSD version tags

[newlib-cygwin] search: Fix Berkeley DB hash code for 16-bit targets.

[newlib-cygwin] SPDX: license IDs for some ISC-related files.

[newlib-cygwin] stdlib/arc4random.c: Fix reseed count for 16-bit targets.

[newlib-cygwin] stdlib: Use __get_numeric_locale instead of __localeconv_l for decimal_point

[newlib-cygwin] strcmp.S: Improve performance for misaligned strings

[newlib-cygwin] sys/sys: further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.

[newlib-cygwin] sys: further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.

[newlib-cygwin] This commit brings in a new refactored TCP stack called Rack.

[newlib-cygwin] This is an implementation of the client side of TCP Fast Open (TFO)

[newlib-cygwin] Update Arm entry in COPYING.NEWLIB.

[newlib-cygwin] Update config.guess and config.sub

[newlib-cygwin] Use !__HAVE_LOCALE_INFO__ define to use _ctype_ directly [v2]

[newlib-cygwin] Use __inhibit_loop_to_libcall in all memset/memcpy implementations

[newlib-cygwin] Use an accessor function to access ifr_data.

[newlib-cygwin] Use hardware timestamps to report packet timestamps

[newlib-cygwin] Use nanf("") instead of nanf(NULL)

[newlib-cygwin] xdr_private.h needs sys/types.h for u_char

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