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Re: [PATCH] [AARCH64]: Pointer mangling support for Aarch64

Hi Richard,

Attached is the revised patch with the changes you suggested.
Regressed with glibc tests on ARMV8 Foundation model running open
embedded image.

2013-12-26  Venkataramanan Kumar  <>

* sysdeps/aarch64/__longjmp.S (__longjmp): Demangle sp
        and lr when restoring register values.
* sysdeps/aarch64/setjmp.S (__sigsetjmp): Mangle sp and lr
before storing register values.
* sysdeps/arm/jmpbuf-unwind.h (_jmpbuf_sp): Remove.
* sysdeps/aarch64/jmpbuf-
offsets.h (_jmpbuf_sp): Add.
(JB_FRAME_ADDRESS): call  _jmpbuf_sp.
* sysdeps/aarch64/sysdep.h (LDST_PCREL) : New macros.
(LDST_GLOBAL): Likewise.
* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/aarch64/sysdep.h (PTR_MANGLE): New macro.
(PTR_DEMANGLE): Likewise.
(PTR_MANGLE2): Likewise.
(PTR_DEMANGLE2): Likewise.

On 27 December 2013 20:39, Richard Henderson <> wrote:
> On 12/26/2013 11:48 PM, Venkataramanan Kumar wrote:
>> +/* Load or store to/from a pc-relative EXPR into/from R, using T.  */
>> +#define LDST_PCREL(OP, R, T, EXPR)\
>> +     adrp    T, EXPR;          \
>> +     add     T, T, #:lo12:EXPR;\
>> +     OP      R, [T];
> Is T supposed to be live after the macro?  Otherwise the whole point of the
> 12-bit offset is that it can be used inside the memory operation offset.
> As you in fact do with the LDST_GLOBAL macro just below.
> r~


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