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[PATCH v3] ARM: Improve armv7 memcpy performance.

Only enter the aligned copy loop with buffers that can be 8-byte
aligned. This improves performance slightly on Cortex-A9 and
Cortex-A15 cores for large copies with buffers that are 4-byte
aligned but not 8-byte aligned.


2013-08-30  Will Newton  <>

	* sysdeps/arm/armv7/multiarch/memcpy_impl.S: Tighten check
	on entry to aligned copy loop to improve performance.
 ports/sysdeps/arm/armv7/multiarch/memcpy_impl.S | 8 ++++----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

Changes in v3:
 - Fixed comments

diff --git a/ports/sysdeps/arm/armv7/multiarch/memcpy_impl.S b/ports/sysdeps/arm/armv7/multiarch/memcpy_impl.S
index 3decad6..330bb2d 100644
--- a/ports/sysdeps/arm/armv7/multiarch/memcpy_impl.S
+++ b/ports/sysdeps/arm/armv7/multiarch/memcpy_impl.S
@@ -369,8 +369,8 @@ ENTRY(memcpy)
 	cfi_adjust_cfa_offset (FRAME_SIZE)
 	cfi_rel_offset (tmp2, 0)
-	and	tmp2, src, #3
-	and	tmp1, dst, #3
+	and	tmp2, src, #7
+	and	tmp1, dst, #7
 	cmp	tmp1, tmp2
 	bne	.Lcpy_notaligned

@@ -381,9 +381,9 @@ ENTRY(memcpy)
 	vmov.f32	s0, s0

-	/* SRC and DST have the same mutual 32-bit alignment, but we may
+	/* SRC and DST have the same mutual 64-bit alignment, but we may
 	   still need to pre-copy some bytes to get to natural alignment.
-	   We bring DST into full 64-bit alignment.  */
+	   We bring SRC and DST into full 64-bit alignment.  */
 	lsls	tmp2, dst, #29
 	beq	1f
 	rsbs	tmp2, tmp2, #0

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