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Re: [patch, mips] Improved memset for MIPS

On Fri, 6 Sep 2013, Steve Ellcey wrote:

> I have found that --prefix=/usr is more of a problem then a help when
> building general cross compiler toolchains.  Using a prefix of /usr
> triggers various special case code in
> ports/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/mips/configure to put things in lib32 and
> lib64 and I don't actually want any of that so I use a prefix
> of /usr/fake instead of /usr.

Not using --prefix=/usr runs into ABI testsuite problems with bug 14664.

> The "undefined reference to `__libc_global_ctors'" has just shown up
> again in a parallel build, but it seems to go away when I rebuild.  I am
> still trying to understand what is going on with this.

Since it seems to be about parallel builds and linkobj/, try with 
Brooks's patch 
<>?  (Which, if 
it works OK on master for a while, should probably be backported to 2.18 

> > The expectation is that the glibc testsuite is the normal way to test 
> > patches before submission, and string function patches like this need it 
> > to be run for all six relevant ABI variants.
> I think some flexibility here would be better.  There is no floating
> point code in this routine so running all three ABI's in both hard and
> soft float modes seems like overkill to me.  Testing in big and little
> endian modes would seem more likely to turn up problems then testing in
> hard and soft float.

That's why I said six rather than twelve ABI variants; floating-point 
variants aren't relevant here, but the other variants are.  You could 
argue for full testing for three variants that cover all of o32, n32 and 
n64 and both BE and LE, plus just the string/ directory tests for the 
other three variants, but I think that would be the minimum.

Joseph S. Myers

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