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Re: [PATCH 00/26] ARM improvements

On 02/27/2013 08:58 AM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> Could you please clarify how these patches have been tested? 

As make check on a Cortex-A15 LE, both in arm and thumb mode.

> what testing has been done for big-endian (I think the string 
> functions at least do need bit-endian testing - it should be possible to 
> run string tests with userspace QEMU without needing BE hardware).

I haven't done that recently, but I can do that again.

> I'd typically expect builds to be done with CC containing any relevant 
> options for this sort of thing, rather than CFLAGS.

Point.  I'll give that a try in future.

> That also raises the question of dependencies between the patches.  Given 
> a patch series like this, each subset 1-N of the patches should generally 
> leave the tree in a working state.  But if a patch (say patch 6) makes 
> changes to .S code for __thumb2__ that are only correct after that 
> actually means the generated code is Thumb-2 (patch 12) that leaves a 
> broken intermediate state (given a compiler that defaults to Thumb-2, 
> whether because configured --with-mode=thumb or because of the options in 
> $CC), meaning the changes can't quite go in the given order (patch 5 could 
> define pc_ofs unconditionally to 8 in assembly code, for example, and only 
> patch 12 change the value for Thumb-2 assembly).

I was attempting such an order, but I see what you mean about cpp conditionals
not matching up with the actual assembly mode.

As far as I can remember, pc_ofs is the only such example.  The rest of the
changes -- I'm thinking of how pc is added to addresses and negative offset
addressing -- while conditioned on __thumb2__ still produce valid ARM insns.


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