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Re: [PATCH ports] Use __unused0 instead of __unused for user visible struct members

On Sunday 01 January 2012 22:18:59 Guillem Jover wrote:
> On BSD systems __unused has traditionally been defined to mean the
> equivalent of gcc's __attribute__((__unused__)). The problem comes when
> defining such macro while trying to build unmodified source code with
> BSD origins on systems with glibc ports headers. Separate patches have
> been sent to fix the same issue on Linux kernel headers and the main
> glibc project.

don't define __unused before including C library headers.  problem solved.

> This patch renames the user visible struct members from __unused to
> __unused0 to not cause compilation failures due to that macro, which
> should not be a problem as those members are supposed to be private
> anyway.

the main tree needs modification in more places.  so unless you can convince 
drepper to make the modification to the main tree, updating the ports doesn't 
make much sense.

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