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Re: [patch] reduce namespace polloution from sys/ucontext.h on arm

On Tue, 20 Dec 2011, peter green wrote:

> Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> > The most obvious users of these definitions would be (native) GDB and
> > gdbserver - do those still build OK (i.e. include the correct headers to get
> > the definitions they need and not rely on any definitions that were removed)
> > after this patch?
> >   
> I have built the debian gdb package (which builds both gdb and gdbserver)
> sucessfully
> on a system with this patch.
> > Have you verified that it still works to include both <sys/ucontext.h> and
> > <sys/procfs.h> in the same source file, in either order?
> >   
> I had already tried that in one order, just tried the other order too. Both
> work fine.
> When I copied a structure definition over to remove the dependency I made sure
> to rename it (following the name used for the equivilent structure on amd64).

Thanks.  I've now applied the patch with the following ChangeLog entry.

2011-12-20  Peter Green  <>

        * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/arm/sys/ucontext.h: Don't include
        (gregset_t): Define without using elf_gregset_t.
        (R0): Rename to REG_R0.
        (R1): Rename to REG_R1.
        (R2): Rename to REG_R2.
        (R3): Rename to REG_R3.
        (R4): Rename to REG_R4.
        (R5): Rename to REG_R5.
        (R6): Rename to REG_R6.
        (R7): Rename to REG_R7.
        (R8): Rename to REG_R8.
        (R9): Rename to REG_R9.
        (R10): Rename to REG_R10.
        (R11): Rename to REG_R11.
        (R12): Rename to REG_R12.
        (R13): Rename to REG_R13.
        (R14): Rename to REG_R14.
        (R15): Rename to REG_R15.
        (struct _libc_fpstate): New.
        (fpregset_t): Define using struct _libc_fpstate.

This patch could go in because it was largely mechanical and copying code 
from elsewhere, but if you intend to make further contributions to glibc 
you should complete an FSF copyright assignment.

Joseph S. Myers

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