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Hi folks.  We now have a git tree tracking libc-ports cvs,
thanks to Jim Meyering.

View at;a=summary

clone r/o from	git://

Each branch in cvs is tracked as a git head called cvs/name, with the cvs
trunk in cvs/master.  The canonical git head name 'master' is an alias for
cvs/master.  The cvs/* branches are updated automatically from cvs with
usually less than an hour of lag.

Please examine the contents and history of any branches you care about and
verify that the conversion to git hasn't lost anything.

Anyone with any kind of glibc cvs write access on sourceware can
do r/w git access to ssh://

Noone will ever touch cvs/* branches by hand, but other git branches can be
forked from them and pushed directly.  I haven't put in any kind of access
control as we have for cvs, and probably won't ever bother.  We trust those
with write access not to clobber any branches they shouldn't.  In the worst
case, the nature of git still makes it easy to recover and roll back a push
that shouldn't have happened.

The policy is that anyone with write access is free to push any branches
they like named <yourname>/* (using your sourceware username), constrained
only that all content is libc-ports-related and has proper copyright
assignments.  Of course, by its nature git makes it easy for you to fork
from this repository and publish your own repository elsewhere.

For future commits, the policy is up to the consensus here of the people
managing each branch whether they would like to keep using cvs or switch to
using git branches directly (to be hashed out on this list).  For the
glibc-ports trunk ('master'), whatever Dan says constitutes a good enough
consensus for me.  Just do a git-push to replace 'master', and the switch
is done.  (The robot will continue to update cvs/* branches in case they
change, and you can re-merge cvs/master into a git branch later if need be.)

As we choose new cvs/git policies for this repo and branches within it,
I hope someone will keep the wiki up to date with clear explanations.


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